Heard while waiting to meet RA at the stage door

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German girls in front of [the blogger] are at the stage door of The Crucible, meeting Richard Armitage

Girls: Are we allowed to give you something?
Richard: ...sorry what?
One of the girls: We have something for you, are we allowed to give you it?
Richard: As long as it's not a punch in the face.
/It was tea./

God I love that man - BWAHAHAHAHAAA

Um I have something I'd like to give him.... No my darling, it's not a punch in the face. And it's NOT tea. Please.

Sometimes I feel like these moments are WASTED on these women. Wasted, I tell you!!! You are in London, you meet Richard, you give him TEA. Gawd. How about a big kiss? An arse grope? Your phone number? Key to your hotel suite??? A flash of the old cleavage?? (mine is fantastic)

He did say as long as it wasn't a punch you could give it to him.

Am I the ONLY woman with imagination here???

review of The Crucible + Richard Armitage interview

My original post vanished into the moderation queue, so here is another attempt, in case people still check the comm, to post two articles I found in (by now yesterday's) Telegraph that have praise for Richard's performance and a few personal insights (plus a link to a third, shorter and non-Armitage-centric one in The Guardian). Here are the links; I also paste the full telegraph articles and accompanying pictures under the cut.




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"To Be Worthy" (Guy/Marian- Historical Romance- PG-13/R): Chapter VIII

SUMMARY: Betrayed by his latest master and mocked by the cruel hand of destiny, Sir Guy of Gisborne returns to Nottingham twenty years after his banishment determined to reclaim the life which should have been his.

AUTHOR: Lexie aka


FANDOM: Robin Hood

PAIRING: Guy/Marian

GENRE: Romance

Disclaimer: Tiger Aspect Productions and the BBC are free to claim whatever they own of this piece, except Guy's thoughts and my words which are ours to keep. lol.

A/N: Set in an alternate Series 1 where Guy has never met Vasey before his arrival in Nottingham, this fic will explore what impact an earlier acquaintance with Marian might have had on Guy's life and ultimate fate.



"A Voice in the Dark" (Lucas/OC; Thriller/Romance- PG13/R) Chapter XIII

TITLE: A Voice in the Dark

AUTHOR: Lexie aka lillianschild

FANDOM: Spooks/MI5

RATING: PG13/R (maybe in later chapters)


SUMMARY: Section D has a traitor in its midst and a mysterious man arrives with what appears to be the key to rid MI5 of the mole. This fic is my own version of Series 7.